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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.."

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Michelle and Yasmin were already established photographers when they were first introduced to each other in 2017. Having found out that they were both wedding photographers, they started talking and sharing ideas. It wasn't long after that they started shooting with each other and found out that they work amazing as a team.

Michelle started out as a pharmacist and Yasmin was in the tech field but their love of weddings and photography led them to become what they are today. They were both married in 2014 to their wonderful husbands but it just so happened that neither were 100% happy with their wedding photos. Now they vow to help couples and families around the world get the ultimate luxury photography experience they deserve. 


What started out as a hobby, evolved into a great passion. With a camera on hand for every event, I spent my lunch money as a young kid developing films at the photo store. I became so fond of capturing as many organic moments as I can in photographs and fell in love with the idea of telling people's stories in images rather than words.




The ultimate dream is to travel the world. I’ve been to at least a dozen different countries outside the US, and I’m dying to visit more. Besides my husband, I make sure we have my DSLR and tripod with us to capture our own special memories as we enjoy unique cultures and gaze upon natural and architectural wonders. 

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My best stress-reliever is my super adorable pooch, Simba! He’s my timid and well-behaved Shiba Inu. I LOVE dogs! If I can stop every dog-owner in the streets and pet their dogs, I will. If you want to bring your dog to a photoshoot, you know my answer. 

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Designer by heart, I grew up always voted as class artist. I held my first DSLR back in art school and fell in love with photography although I didn't consider it at first as a career. It was only after I graduated with my Master's degree that I decided to pick it up again and now I'm living the dream taking pictures of wonderful people.



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I grew up in a small city in the Philippines so I strive to go somewhere new whenever I can. My favorites places are Tokyo and Paris. Hopefully, I'll be able to cross out more destinations in my bucket list.

I love to travel with my husband. I try to drag him everywhere I go. Good thing he's getting used to it.

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enchanted songs & dolewhip

I admit it, I have some Disney songs on my playlist and I'll start singing them in my car when I'm in the mood. And if I'm not in Chicago or shooting a wedding somewhere, chances are you'll see me in one of the Disney Parks. I've been to the ones in California, Florida, Japan and Paris. I grew up loving Disney and that will never change.

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OUR PhilosophY

No two stories are the same

Just like every couple and family we meet, every story is unique and we love hearing and witnessing it! This is why we aim to become one of the best storytellers in the entire world. We are here to capture and preserve your story so that you will be able to tell it to your children, your grandchildren and everyone else you meet in your lifetime. 


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Now that you know about us, we love knowing about you. You know what's important and that's why you're here. You're the one who cherishes memories, the one who dreams, the one who will stop at nothing to make things happen. You've been looking forward to this your entire life, whether you're getting married or getting that perfect family picture. 

You're here because you have this amazing idea but don't know where to start. Don't worry, we've been there before so we can help guide you and make it happen. After your journey, you'll remember the amazing memories you've made and captured.

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