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A Complete Guide for Everything Related to Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is preferred by everyone these days due to its countless benefits. Everyone is seen giving up the conventional tanning methods and moving towards spray tanning. Even experts and professionals recommend the use of spray tan for better results and attractive look of your skin. Here a lot of questions arise.

Spray Tanning

The first one is what makes spray tan so useful and why you should go for it. Also there are a lot of brands available in the market these days so which product you should go for and what you should try out. We have answered all these questions in this article. It will serve as a complete guide for everything you need to know about spray tanning.

Why you should go for spray tanning

Firstly, it is important to know what makes spray tanning superior to other methods. The benefits of spray tanning are as follows:

  • Easy penetration: The spray technique allows easy penetration of the product into the skin cells. The extra small mist-like particles absorb into the skin quickly as compared to other creamy textured products.
  • Even application: The spray tan containers eject the same amount of product with each actuation. In this way, an even amount of spray tan is applied on the skin without the formation of patches and blotches.
  • Long lasting results: Spray tanning stays on skin for longer. It stays attractive and vibrant for quite a lot of days. The longevity of spray tan makes it the most preferred among all the tanning methods.

Choice of professionals

It is very important to know what professionals and experts prefer while choosing any products or method. Talking specifically about spray tanning, it will be very helpful if you choose one of the professional spray tan brands for yourself. This is because whatever professionals use, they thoroughly check every specification and then try it out. In this way, the product becomes safe and reliable to be used.

A spray tan of high standard brand will be able to give you the skin tone of your desires without compromising the integrity of your skin. Additionally, the required results of even application and long life of the tan can only be achieved by a good quality spray tan. Following what the professionals use will serve as a guide for you especially if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start.

The right way to get yourself spray tanned

A lot of people ask questions like what is the right way to apply tanning products?, how to prepare their skin for tanning?, what lotion to use after spray tan? and a lot of similar things. Here are simple and easy to follow steps to get yourself spray tanned.

Firstly, make sure your skin is totally clean. If there are already any residues of previous tan or any type of impurities on your skin, they should be removed completely. In this way, you’ll get a clean and clear skin to work with. Spray tan works more efficiently on a clean skin so this step is extremely important.

Once your skin is ready, you can apply your spray tan. Spray from the specified distance and don’t put multiple puffs on the same spot. Let it dry out completely and meanwhile avoid touching it.

Then comes the tanning lotion. A good tanning lotion will help the tan get darker and develop its color. It will also keep it well moisturized.

You can also use a tanning oil after that. It also helps in enhancing the vibrance and beauty of the tan.


Spray tan has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It has been used and recommended by experts also. Famous celebrities and influencers also recommend using it. It has a lot of benefits which makes it better from the other methods. Keeping these things in mind, we compiled all the useful information regarding spray tan so you can also get benefits from it.