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How to Apply Nugenesis Powder Colors

If you are into nails, you might have heard about the Nugenesis powder colors. There are numerous benefits of the Nugenesis powder colors, such as these are lightweight and free of odor. You don’t necessarily have to use LED light to cure your nails with Nugenesis powder colors as these can be air-dried.

How to Apply Nugenesis Powder Colors

If you are looking for chipping-free nails and a water-resistant manicure, you are all good with the Nugenesis powder colors. Not all cosmetics are environmentally friendly, but the Nugenesis dip powder kit will let you have the peace of mind that you won’t be affecting the environment. Most Nugenesis nail colors are calcium and vitamin E fortified, which makes them excellent for healthy nails.

What Makes Nugenesis Powder Colors Unique?

The best thing about the Nugenesis dip powder kit is that you don’t need UV light and harmful primers to get your nails done! The manicure with Nugenesis powder colors is strong, durable, and long-lasting. With good after-care, your manicure can last for more than four weeks. The fast, smooth, and comfortable application process of the Nugenesis powder colors allows for a professional finishing touch.

With the Nugenesis powder colors, you won’t have to fret over damaged and unhealthy nail beds. It wouldn’t be wrong to state the application process is organic, while the dip Nugenesis powder colors can remain on your natural nails for up to four weeks and keep your nails healthy. If your nails tend to grow quickly, you can refresh the dip powder nails after two weeks.

How to Apply Nugenesis Powder Colors

Before you start with your manicure, make sure that your hands/ fingers don’t have any open cuts. Also, ensure to clean each of your nails with alcohol and use a lint-free wipe to get rid of any debris and dust before applying the Nugenesis powder colors.

Prepping Your Nails

Before applying the nail prep liquid, you will need to prep your nails. Typically, you will find all nail prep tools in the Nugenesis dip powder kit. If you visit the nail salon, the professional expert will use an electric nail file with a mediocre buffer to get rid of dead cuticles. Make sure to push back the cuticles and remove all shine from the nail bed. Before the application of Nugenesis dip powder, shape your nails in your desired length and shape.

Applying Nugenesis Powder Colors

After you have prepared your nails and created the perfect canvas for the colors, proceed to apply the prep liquid you will find in the Nugenesis dip powder kit and apply it on the entire surface of your nails. The best part is that you don’t have to damage your nails by placing them under UV light. It won’t take much time for your nails to air-dry. Now, apply the base gel on ¾ of your nail’s surface. Make sure to use a back-to-forward motion while applying the base coat. This will also ensure that the nails are equally and evenly covered.

After the base gel, dip your nails in the base dip powder (crystal clear) of the Nugenesis powder colors. You can either tap away from the extra powder or use a brush to remove the extra powder. Now, apply the base gel on the entire surface of the nails.

Make sure that your nails are evenly coated with the base gel. Now place 1/3 of your fingers in the French powder of the Nugenesis powder colors. Be quick to tap away excess powder from the nails. Also, be quick to dip the entire nail in the pink Nugenesis nail powder and tap the finger to remove excess powder.

After a second application of the base gel, repeat the process to all nails. Subsequently, apply the nail activator liquid, which you will find in the Nugenesis dip powder kit. Allow your nails to air dry for half a minute.

Finishing your Manicure

We recommend using an electric nail file for buffing your nails. Wash your hands with water and dry your hands before the application of the Nugenesis nail activator liquid. After your nails have dried, complete your manicure with a final (light) coat of the Nugenesis nail finish gel while stoking the bush from left to right. Allow your nails to dry for two minutes.


Suppose this is your first experience with the Nugenesis powder colors. In that case, we recommend that you book an appointment with an experienced nail technician and ask them to file your nails manually. Nonetheless, you can also request the nail artist to use an electric file or a drill for the best manicure experience with the Nugenesis powder colors. If you have been using acrylic nails or Gel nails manicure, you will notice a visible change after your first experience with applying Nugenesis powder colors. The Nugenesis powder colors are a great alternative for anyone experiencing allergic reactions to ingredients in Gel nail colors and acrylic nail dips.