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Tips to Add Glitter to Your Nail with Gelixir Nail Polish

Ladies need to get glaring nail care that can stay on the nail without fading/peeling. The Gelixir gel polish has been known because they grant long-time wear, untorn, and glossy nail appearances.

Gelixir gel polish is designed to formulate nails and help create an extreme and overall nail care look.

This manicure brand is a current generated nail treatment method that will conveniently change your natural nail look and generally take your nail art design to a high level.

Gelixir gel polish’s greatest benefits are the absence of professional nail care experience before you can use/apply the nail care product and fully design to protect nail images unstained and perfect. It also came in different beautiful shades that you can select to suit your nail and create great and ever-going nails.

The nail care brand can also be called a soak-off nail polish due to its ability to soak and resist nail peeling and chipping. It is quick and fast to wipe off with a regular nail polish cleanser or soak off gel polish wipes.

Gelixir gel polish contains several nutritious ingredients such as Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate, Trimethylpropane, Polyurethane, acrylate Ketone. All these ingredients are good to formulate nail growth and help to get rid of dirt and germs.

Procedures to follow when deciding to apply the Gelixir gel polish

File your nail normally to your shape taste, apply Gelixir base coat and dry under LED light for sixty-seconds.

Apply the Gelixir gel polish twice again, put it under the LED lamp for another 60 seconds, figure out your foil paper and place the already dried polish on the nail; ensure to use your strength when you want to place the foil on the nail, then pick a side of the foil like you want to tear a plaster. Apply Gelixir top coat and leave to cure under the LED lamp for thirty seconds.

After the nail has been adequately cured under the lamp, this will help hold the nail’s foil. You can reduce your pressing strength if you want to have a dried abstract nail look.

Finally, glue the nail with a strengthening gel and tidy the nail’s tacky base gel shade.

Steps to apply the foil on the Gelixir nail

To know the foil side to use, you can use a cuticle brush to remove the foil from its pack.

Next, scrape the foil sides with the same brush. Then, you can use the sharpened foil side on the nail.

Use a foil adhesive or gel to achieve whole nail coverage.

Use a nail scraper to buff some part of the foil if you want to reduce the foil weight.

Make sure to dry the nail before you end the application method with a topcoat.

Brand Features

This gel polish has Wonderful quality, good rigid and super glowing consistency, and fast to dry and affordable price. Dependable to nourish and make nails healthier and stronger. It has a cracking and peeling resistance. It doesn’t cause body irritation or skin cancer. It hydrates the nail bed and cuticles, plus simple and easier to apply.

Excellent to resist nail damages. Seal and stay on the nail for more than a month without cracking and fading off. Quick to be removed with the use of nail polish cleanser/ creating eye-catching and bright manicures.

It has a glittering and blue color polish that compliments a stunning foil accent nail. Able to Provide protection and tackle brittle and deform nails. It upgrades natural nail growth due to the useful minerals and vitamins that repair damaged nails.

The product basecoat sealed the nail and created a better formation to provide a strong bond between the gel polish and the nail. It is also the best choice for those who desire a smooth, glassy nail care look/finish.

Extra Tips

Do not use any nail polish that will harm or cause allergy to your nail, and also ensure to dry the nail immediately you put the foil on the nail. Optionally, you can use a base coat to cover the sticky nail area because a base coat is good to hold the nail properly. Always keep this manicure brand in a cool, dry and direct sunshine.


Gelixir gel is easy to apply on nails and the procedures are simple to follow. You can have your beautiful nails looking radiant with a simple application of Gelixir nail polish. Try it out today without visiting a professional and achieve remarkable results.