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Best OPI Dipping Powder

The dip powder system came to help the nails keep their luster and color for several weeks. Even so, not very many people realize the essence of using dip powders as a substitute for the regular acrylics. A massive number of women is only aware of the regular polishes that take ages to dry but unfortunately last for just a few days before they can begin chipping or cracking after engaging even in the lightest activities like washing the hands. Some may be aware of acrylic alternatives that last longer but may require treatment with LED or UV light. The process of coating nails using dipping powder is more comfortable and takes less time compared to the use of other types of manicures. Dip powders also ensure that the nails are more resilient to pressure, scratches and take up to 4 weeks before they can peel off.

How OPI Dipping Powder Works

The attractiveness of the nails tends to increase with the use of more shades. OPI dip powder colors ensures that nails get the perfect look that every person desires by providing 29 different shades. All these shades provide the user with a wide range of choices to choose from. You are just required to pick the colors of your choice and mix them accordingly for a perfect and unique finish. The vast number of OPI shades creates endless possibilities.

Is OPI Powder Safer than Acrylic?

The number of women using OPI dipping powders has continued to increase, with most of them preferring OPI dipping powders over the gel and regular nail polishes. OPI dipping powder is calcium-fortified and contains vitamin E. It is also made up of non-toxic materials. Additionally, it does not require UV or LED light to dry. Moreover, OPI does not require users to frequently shade their nails because it lasts for up to 4 weeks before it can begin to crack or chip. Due to the ability of the powder to dry almost instantly after application, the process takes less time compared with the use of other gels. OPI nail coating is also easier to remove because it soaks faster than other typical nail polishes.

If you are still wondering how OPI dipping powder would look on your nails, it is time to consider one of the available OPI kits. You can choose the kit that comes as a complete set with the best base coat and topcoat or purchase one of the other kits with all the essential powder pigments and coatings required to provide your nails with a perfect finish.

Some of the best OPI dipping powders that you can try out include;

OPI Matching

This kit is the best for every kind of occasion, style, and outfit. It is especially best for those looking for a single color that matches all occasions like the TO2 – Black Onyx. It provides you with a perfect manicure that brings out the best in you by making you look perfect in every outfit. With its black glare, you are assured of a fabulous look.

One of the OPI Premium Kits

The OPI products in this kit are provided in the form of 2 liquids with each of them containing 0.5oz bottles of the gel top, activator, and the gel base. The second one is made of 1.5oz OPI color containers. Such as holm N47, Big Apple Red N25, Gelato in My Mind V33, and Princess Rule R44, among others. Also, the kit comes with the base and clear – white and pink consecutively in 4.25Oz.

Pink and White Trio Kit

This kit provides a gel top, activator, and base coat, as well as three containers with 4.25oz of pigment powders. It gives you everything you need to get a perfect finish anywhere, anytime, as long as you have it with you. In just a few minutes, your nails will be super elegant.

OPI Color Kit

If you are interested in a wide range of colors to choose from, consider buying the OPI color kit, such as OPI Color Kit 12. It is made up of 12 OPI dipping colors that provide you with the best results. Besides, it contains colors such as Pink Flamenco E44, Humidi – Tea N52, Mood About You B56, and others.

OPI Liquid

Are you looking for an OPI liquid with the best base coat and topcoat? You can go for the OPI liquid kit made up of the base coat and activator with six bottles each. It provides you with one of the best OPI powders that you should try out for the best results.


When you choose OPI dipping powders, you can enjoy the luxury of providing mystique appeals to your nails by using deep colors, or using lighter shades if you love bright colors. With OPI colors, you will have a long-lasting manicure that will not easily succumb to peeling, breaking, or smudging. It saves your time and money and keeps your nails healthy.