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Things You Should Avoid Doing to Your Nails

If you feel that nails are just another body accessory, you can stop reading this article right now. But, if you see your nails as a window to express your inner beauty, you should never do the following things to your nails.

Every woman has a beautiful set of nails. They have been applying nail polish since time immemorial to beautify it further. If you look at the designs available for experimentation, you can spend an entire lifetime over it. You have excellent products available in the market, like DND nail supplies online, to enhance the overall beauty. So, you are responsible for maintaining your nails and showing them off to the world through your social media handles.

These following tips will keep your nails looking beautiful as ever.

Do not ignore the base coat

The basecoat acts as a barrier between your nails and the nail polish. Besides, preparing your nails for the color and designs, it protects the nails from damage. It is essential for a long-lasting manicure.

Forget about taking a bath immediately after a nail job

Even though you use UV lamps to dry the polish, it requires some time to set. Taking a shower immediately after a nail manicure should be the last thing in your mind. The hot water and steam can cause your nail polish to smudge.

Ignore unhealthy nails at your peril

Nails need constant hydrating. Hence, it is advisable to have a gap between two successive nail manicure jobs. You can leave your nails as it is or use a cuticle cream to keep your nails hydrated and healthy.

Going to bed after a nail manicure is a strict NO

Though your nail polish appears dry after about half an hour of applying it, they are not entirely dry. Going to bed immediately after polishing your nails can end up with your nails having bedsheet imprints all over it.

Avoid filing your nail in both directions

Filing your nails in a two-way motion can cause tearing and splitting of the nails. One should ensure to file the nails in one direction only. Use a high-quality nail file to do so. You can order your wholesale nail supplies from us.

Never peel off your nail polish

Peeling off your nail polish without using a nail polish remover can cause great harm. You end up peeling off layers of your actual nail and weaken them considerably. Use a nail polish remover. Order nail polish remover along with your nail supplies.

Thick coats can cause smudging

Applying a thick coat can look attractive initially, but it can cause smudging of colors. It is a better idea to apply nail polish in thin layers and allow them to dry.

Biting your nails can cause infections

Find out alternative methods of beating the stress. The usual practice of biting your nails to relieve stress can backfire as it can cause nail infections.

Stay away from the Quick-Dry products

Quick-Dry nail polish solutions are available on the market. Please stay away from them as they contain acetone. It can cause your nails to chip and peel off. Never use acetone unless it is a nail polish remover.

Discard old nail polish bottles

Your nail polish contains chemical solvents. They can evaporate as the nail polish gets older. As a result, the coats start getting thicker, making it more challenging to apply. Secondly, the old polish does not stick well to your nails. Hence, they do not last long. The best solution is to discard the old polish and order your nail supply online from us.

Starting with oily nails is not the right thing to do

Dirt and oils on the nail can make it challenging to apply nail polish. Therefore, experts suggest preparing your nails as the first step towards a successful nail manicure. Use nail polish remover to get rid of oil and dirt before you start your nail polish job.

Cutting your cuticles is not cute

Cuticles perform the critical function of sealing in the moisture and preventing the germs from entering the body. Cutting it off during a nail manicure is not at all advisable. They never come in the way of your perfect manicure.

Do not make the mistake of using the topcoat as a basecoat

Topcoats and basecoats have their significance. Just as a basecoat cannot provide the shine and glitter to your nails, the topcoat does not have the sticky properties of a basecoat. Therefore, never interchange these two applications if you want your nails to remain beautiful.


We have discussed several things that you should never do if you wish to keep your nails beautiful forever. Finally, we impress upon the necessity to use quality products. Compromising is out of the question when it comes to your nail manicure.