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Nicole & Jason

Nicole wasn't expecting much when one of her friends asked her to do a double blind date with her. She was single then and thought it wouldn't hurt. Luckily for her, her date would be her future husband, Jason (who also happens to be her friend's brother).  Little did they know that sparks would fly and that they would end up going out. Jason finally asked Nicole to marry him while they went on their Paris vacation in early 2017. 


nikki & richmond

Nikki and Richmond's story is that of an unexpected love. Love that was born out of heartbreak but was proven true by difficult choices. They have been friends for a really long time before they realized that love was right in front of them the entire time. Among their many differences they bond and argue over things they both love, like basketball and travel. It was after he proposed that she decided they were going to have a destination wedding. They finally found their paradise in Jamaica.



Abby and Blake met in their junior year of high school when their two schools merged. They had homeroom together and it wasn't long until they started dating. In all of their time together, they spent a great deal of it traveling and finding themselves individually and as a couple. Finally, on Blake's birthday on their 10th year, he finally proposed to his long-time sweetheart and they got married in July 2017. 


katie & marcus

Katie and Marcus first met during one of their friend's party back in 2013 but didn't really start talking until after a concert at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Fast forward in the Spring of 2017, Marcus decided to help Katie's dream of traveling to Ireland come true. They spent a week  traversing the hills and countryside, exploring the many beauties and adventures Ireland has to offer. He thought about proposing many times but the timing didn't feel right. It was on her birthday that he got down to one knee and ask her to marry him.


lan & marty

Lan and Marty have known each other for half of their lives. They started out as friends, meeting through a mutual friend during the good old days of AOL chat rooms. Lan visited Marty in Las Vegas 9 years after they met online in leu of going to spring break with friends. Marty swept her off her feet and the rest is history. Despite the long distance for a short time and the many challenges that life threw at them, their relationship remained strong.

We originally planned for just a reception since we already did a courtroom wedding but I really wanted to do it the proper way and have a ceremony with our family and friends. My husband is not comfortable in front of the camera but Yasmin worked her magic during the engagement session. 

She helped me not only with planning out the timeline but also gave me recommendations on what flowers look good! Above all of that, our friends wouldn't stop saying how much they love our wedding pictures! 

liera & matthew


 The pictures came out so amazing that we knew we just had to have her take our wedding pictures!

Yasmin was quick on responding to our e-mails and making sure that we got what we envisioned by asking all the right questions.

She was able to capture many candid shots while we were enjoying ourselves, as well as structured poses.

sam & sandra


We got priceless pictures of the ceremony and awesome pictures with our family. 

Michelle impressed me with her eye for photography when she gave me countless tips about my own wedding photos before. However, I was awestruck with her talent when I finally got to work with her as she photographed my bridal shower and my one of a kind bachelorette party.

She maintains a very professional but warm and fun attitude during shoots that helps everyone relax in photos, especially myself. 

nikki & richmond


The detail with which she shoots really captures how precious these events are to me.

We couldn't have been more pleased! Michelle has an awesome eye for photography, and gave us the most amazing results!

It was so great to work with a team that put you as ease, and strives for the best. You can definitely see how she puts everything into achieving what you want. 

lisa & clint


The most beautiful memories for a lifetime! 

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